Trumpets in the Bible

These short Bible devotionals are designed to promote spiritual growth, faith in God, and revival. Each one includes a few inspirational Bible verses. The devotionals function like the trumpets in the Bible did—calling the church to:

  1. Lead people into God’s presence to listen to His voice.
  2. Usher people into true worship.
  3. Announce good news.
  4. Declare a new king and a new kingdom – the kingdom of God.
  5. Rally the church to active faith.
  6. Facilitate effective ministry through cooperation with God.
  7. Appeal to God’s promised favor and protection.
  8. Sound a warning of spiritual danger.
  9. Offer a chance to get right with God.
  10. Invite people to recommit themselves to God.
  11. Proclaim freedom from sin and a fresh start in life.
  12. Urge people to be prepared for Jesus to return.