The Dream Team

Jericho was a heavily fortified garrison town blocking the door to the Promised Land. Israel arrived at the city ill-equipped to capture it; she had wandered forty years in the wilderness and came with few hand weapons, let alone battering rams and siege towers. To human eyes, the situation looked hopeless—but we’re meant to see with God’s eyes.

Joshua and Caleb had seen the land through prophetic eyes, they observed the inhabitants and their fortifications, but they also saw it flowing with milk and honey (Num. 14:6-9). They ended their account saying, “Their protection has been removed from them”. Notice the tense. Someone called it the prophetic past tense—viewing a situation as if it is already resolved. That’s how God described Jericho too, “See, I have given Jericho into your hand” (Josh. 6:2). We are supposed to view life through His eyes.

The unusual battle plan included a daily, silent circuit of the city for six days, followed by seven loops on the seventh day. After the last time, signal trumpets (shofarim) ordered everyone to shout and the walls fell flat. The people scrambled over the ruins, and Jericho was theirs (Josh. 6:1-21).

This is a classic example of men cooperating with God to accomplish His will. Notice six principles (The same principles apply in Gideon’s battle against the Midianites in Judges 7:1-25):

• The people had little to offer.
• They had to trust what God had spoken through their leaders.
• They had to keep themselves pure (v. 18).
• They had to follow God’s directions, including waiting for the right time—the trumpet signal (vv. 10, 16, 20).
• God did the miracle.
• The people ran in to secure the prize.

God could have done it all on His own, but He chooses to work with humans. People working alongside God are part of a dream team. The challenge to us is that it should not be a dream; we can live out the same principles every time we face a blockage to God’s will in our world.

The trumpet calls for God’s purposes to be done by people cooperating with God.

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