Six habits for Daily Bible Devotions

Six habits make for healthy daily Bible devotions:

Reach to God in worship. True worship focuses on God – what He has done and what He is like. It often starts with thanksgiving, includes praise, and progresses to loving adoration. Music helps but words from the heart are what matter. (More on worship)

Relate to God in prayer. Prayer is conversation with God. He knows our hearts and our needs before we say anything, but the heavenly Father loves to hear His children talk to Him freely. Like any conversation, it is two way – He will speak to you. So, be ready to write down what He says. (The Lord’s prayer)

Read the Bible. The Bible tells us what God is like, what He has done, and what His will is. Cherish it like a love letter. Read it as carefully as a chart to buried treasure. Expect God to speak. Have a notebook or journal handy. (More on journaling)

Worship, prayer and God’s Word complement each other. They flow from one to another. We see in the Bible how wonderful God is, so we worship Him. We sense Him speaking in worship or through Scripture and we begin to pray. Our prayers stimulate us to find out more about His will on a subject. God speaks to us in worship and prayer, His voice is always consistent with His word. As He speaks, it often leads to more worship and prayer and to a response.

Healthy Christian life happens in the context of a healthy church. (More on the church)

Repentance followed by changed thinking and behavior is often the first response. Unlike the heavy blanket of general condemnation that Satan tries to smother us with, the conviction of the Holy Spirit is specific. He shows us where our attitudes, words and behavior are sinful. He empowers us to change. (More on repenting)

Reaching out with intercession and action is a second response. Intercession is prayer on behalf of other people or situations (keep a list of people or needs that are important to you). It should come before any action. God will often speak and guide our practical responses as we intercede. Some situations are too remote or delicate for us to get involved, but never forget the effectiveness of intercession.

Receive God’s power! God provides power-tools for the jobs He gives us to do. Jesus sent His Holy Spirit at Pentecost to continue His work on earth through His church. He imparts different spiritual gifts to equip us for His work. (More on the Holy Spirit)