Sparks: A Selection of Short Bible Devotionals for Reflection or Discussion


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Twenty-eight short Bible devotionals selected from books in The Sparks Series.

Cover image of the book Sparks: A selection of short Bible devotionals.The pieces provide a taste of topics already published (questions Jesus asked and other people asked Him, and living in the kingdom of God) and of topics to come (guidance, finding our identity, faith, worship, the names of God, what it means to be like Jesus, prayer, and more).

  • Each piece is short enough to be read in a few minutes and can be used daily for a few weeks.
  • Each one considers at least one Bible verse, and some life application is encouraged.
  • The pieces are designed to stimulate deeper reflection and spiritual maturity, which includes an application to life.

Think of them as sparks that God can use to help your spiritual growth. May they ignite a flame in your brain that fires up your thinking, races to your heart, and jumps from the tips of your fingers, toes, and tongue. Feed the flames so that your thoughts turn to passion and your passion to action. May it be of such an intensity that, everywhere you walk, every life that you touch begins to glow in turn.


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