The Kingdom of God: Our Life with Jesus the King


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What is the kingdom of God? Why is the kingdom of heaven such good news for us? And how do we live the kingdom lifestyle? How did Jesus intend us to seek first the kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is the topic for this collection of thirty-eight short devotional Bible studies. It contemplates those questions and explores our life with Jesus the King. It examines the miracles and message of Jesus about the kingdom, including the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, and parables like the parable of the sower (also called the parable of the soils or seed) and the mustard seed. The book can be used as a devotional and for group Bible study in a small group or book club. It will help the reader to grow in spiritual maturity by obeying and living the life that Jesus taught and demonstrated because obedience is God’s love language. Living it doesn’t depend on our determination or gifting; in the kingdom business, the King guides us and supplies everything we need to do His will.

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  1. John Avery

    I don’t generally like devotionals as they can feel too manufactured at times, but John’s approach is fresh and creative. He does a great job laying out his deep knowledge in a form that is easy to follow and engage with. I do also love the concept that is a part of a spark series that is designed to go deeper than the average devotional. I do recommend this book to anyone who wants to go deeper and engage with the practical truths of God. Great read.
    J. Rivas

    The Kingdom of God, I must say, was a delightful read. It is the type of book that you can sit down and read in an afternoon, but also the type that you would want to mull over. There is meat to chew on, as well as milk to sip. Broken down into bit sized snippets, are good accompaniment to a morning devotional with a nice cup of coffee. In it the author encourages the reader into a deeper understanding of the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached. The author encourages the reader to, enter into the Kingdom, to live in it, and then finally to extend the kingdom to others. I do encourage you to add this to your morning routine, and devotional time.
    B. Dulany, Pastor

    I admit that when I see the term “kingdom of God” in the Gospels, my mind fogs over. Even some of Jesus’ explanations of it can puzzle me. That’s why I’m grateful for the work John Avery has done in The Kingdom of God: Our Life with Jesus the King. Each chapter is a snapshot depicting this kingdom in a fresh retelling of Scripture, with the centerpiece being King Jesus. John is a skilled writer, bringing biblical scenes to life. He sprinkles just enough scholarship throughout to give the book depth and adds personal anecdotes to connect the concepts to life. I’ve gained new insights into Jesus, thanks to John’s writing. And that’s good. As he says, “The closer we are to Him, the more we will experience His kingdom.” — S. Langton, Associate Editor, Bible Advocate magazine

    In this book, John Avery explores what the Kingdom of God is, how to enter and live in it, and how to draw others to it. He uses passages from the Gospels, as well as his own experiences and research to make these passages come alive. Each devotion is short, great for a daily reading even for busy people. However, the devotions also delve deep into the Word, giving much food for thought. Some may challenge a person to look at things in a different way. They could provide great mental (and spiritual) stimulation for a personal journal. Believers can use these devotions as a way to examine their own lives and see areas where they could learn and grow. I could see the book being used for not just personal growth, but as part of a group Bible study. I really enjoyed reading and contemplating the devotions in this book. S.T. Maas, Author

    John needs to keep writing! The world needs to hear what he has to say. He understands biblical principles and describes them in relatable, easily understood terms. I end up thinking, ‘why didn’t I think of putting it like that?’.

    John’s doesn’t dump a theological discourse on you. Instead, he writes as though he were sitting across the table and sharing with you what he knows about the kingdom of God (which is a lot). He gives you personal experiences, fitting examples from life, and Biblical references. You go away better for having sat across the table from him.

    Here are some examples of his writing style:
    • He didn’t come to bless life as we know it; he invites us to lay down our old ways and receive his kingdom life instead.
    • Feed the flames so that your thoughts turn to passion, and your passion to action.
    • Many people misunderstood Jesus, which prompts the question, do we?
    • If God is good, is king over all kings, and if he uses his power to care for His people, then news of His reign is tremendous.
    • When it comes to new ideas, we tend to accept things that build on our existing views and lifestyles.
    • Kings are not elected to do the will of the people; real kings make the rules.
    • The message is two-pronged: the kingdom is coming and it’s good, but it’s not yet here in full. In the waiting period, evil persists. …It takes faith to live in God’s weedy field.
    • Around us are religious systems built largely on study and expertise and supported by communities that find it easier to follow leaders as proxies than to pursue Jesus for themselves.
    M. Brownell

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