Becoming Like Jesus: How to Think and Live Like Jesus Christ


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Forty short, thought-provoking devotionals.

If we are to become more like Jesus, we must know what He was like—what made Him tick.

Jesus seemed so different from us and yet He shared human life. These forty short inspirational pieces will fuel your thoughts about those differences and similarities.

Each brief chapter examines an aspect of Jesus’ life to see how His divinity and humanity interacted. The author filters out aspects of our individual personalities that will and should always remain, and Jesus’ pure divinity, which we can never share. What’s left are ways in which we can live more like Jesus.

Underlying Jesus’ uniqueness was a rock-solid worldview focused on God the Father. So how did Jesus view the nuts and bolts of life? Love of friends, family, and enemies. Suffering. Rejection and betrayal. Temptation. Religion. Fame. Frustration. Danger. Grief. Success and failure. In what ways did His worldview affect His behavior?

This book is a subtle approach to how we can imitate Jesus. It reflects on who He is and why, because contemplating the inner life of the Who leads to the how. To mature as followers of Jesus we must start from the inside and work outwards.

Each piece can be used like a daily devotional reading. Most of the pieces are just two pages long and focus on New Testament Scriptures from the Gospel accounts and the Acts.

Be encouraged: being like Jesus is not as unreachable as perhaps you think, and not so weird as you might fear!


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