A New Creature

I'm glad God makes me a new creature.

Needing a new creature!

Driving home one day, there was a loud bang and my car was suddenly shunted to the left. A woman had turned into my lane too soon. One side panel looked like a kicked coke can; the rear door molded to her bumper and would not open.

Thank goodness for body shops. They will pull out the dents in the panel and then fill any remaining holes. After much sanding and a few coats of paint, it looks as good as new. As for the door, it needed replacing.

I’m glad I got a new door. I would hate to drive around with the fear of a shoddily repaired door falling out if I turned left too fast. When it comes to fixing human nature, God does the very best through Jesus—He completely replaces the old.

If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. (2 Cor. 5:17)

Human solutions are superficial; they pull out depressions, play down eccentricities, grind away rough edges, fill up deficiencies, cover over cracks, and smooth out warps. God makes all things new.

From the moment that we decide to accept Jesus’ salvation and surrender our lives to His lordship, we are “in Christ.” Paul says that anyone who is “in Christ” is re-created. The phrase can be taken two ways—new creature or new creation. The result is the same: as new creatures, we are products of a new creation. God did not patch us up and paint us over; He removed our old identity and replaced it with a new one. We no longer live for ourselves but for Jesus, who died and rose for us.1

The change is profound. Earlier scars might remain but they no longer have power to produce crippling pain. Inhibitions, broken relationships, patterns of sin, none of them need control who we are anymore. Huge potential is unlocked to become everything that God created us to be.

That spells freedom for us, but we should also allow for change in others. Next time a rough-at-the-edges person gives their life to Jesus, allow your expectations for them to expand. God will gladly transform any sin battered beast into a beautiful new creature.

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