Peepholes into God – The Names of God

I will tell of Your name to my brethren;
In the midst of the assembly I will praise You.
(Psalm 22:22, see also Hebrews 2:12)

One rainy day during a childhood family vacation, we visited a museum that featured a gigantic dolls’ house. My sister was enthralled. I pretended boyish boredom. But that dolls’ house stamped my memory. A craftsman had made it for a young girl who lived in a British stately home that is probably the setting for historical TV dramas now. The dolls’ house would fill the average living room—a palatial toy for a duchess’ daughter.

Hundreds of windows spring to mind. They were two inches high by an inch wide, with dozens on each side of the four-storied house. Peering through each opening one could see the details of a room: tiny chairs, tables, four-poster beds, pictures on the walls, little rugs, miniature cats, bowls, cups, lamps made from flashlight bulbs—everything a young (and horribly spoilt) madam would need. The windows revealed the luxurious dreams of a lavish childhood.

The names of God are like those windows—peepholes into the character and activity of God. A wall of names expresses His greatness, might, power, and supremacy; another tells of His love for humankind manifested in His desire to deliver and redeem. Several names speak of His creativity and His sustenance of His creation. Many names provide insight into His eternal nature. He is a defender and protector who reveals His wrath against ungodliness and injustice. The basement foundations of His nature are visible through His names—His holiness and righteousness and His universal position as Lord and King. But He is not a God behind high walls, with security bars covering every opening. He is the God who delights in relationship with people and allows Himself to be called the God of individuals and groups.

Jesus came and fulfilled Psalm 22. He showed us in the flesh the Character behind the names. Now we know that the names of God are like windows flung open, inviting everyone to know Him. And God’s names do not open onto a lifeless dream; they invite us into relationship with a Living God.

Do you communicate His name?

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2 thoughts on “Peepholes into God – The Names of God

  1. Sue Mobley

    I loved this story and the names of God part is awesome…….so very true of our wonderful God !!!!!!


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