The Man-God

Narahari is a Sanscrit word meaning “man-God”.1 It expresses well the nature of Jesus.

Think about it. Jesus was God in human flesh, which of course means that Jesus was human flesh with God inside. Jesus did two basic things. He showed us what God is like when He puts on human flesh and lives a human life. And He showed us what a human is like when he or she is completely filled with the Spirit of God.

All this is important because humans were made in the image of God. We share a measure of the nature of God. Jesus “is the image of the invisible God” (Col. 1:15); He showed us what we can be like if we allow His life to fill us and only the most basic limitations to remain.

The only limitations on God in Jesus were those of time and energy. Jesus could only be in one place at one time, with just so much energy, and He had a limited lifespan. For sure, they are significant restrictions, but consider how free Jesus was from all those things that keep us from the abundant relationship that Jesus had with the Father and other people.

Jesus experienced life with no need for people, provision or purpose; His needs were met in God. He could withdraw from others in a healthy way, without rejecting them, or being aloof or self-indulgent. Neither peer pressure nor persecution swayed Him. Jesus had no ego to stroke—He glorified His Father. He came with no childhood wounds to lick. His communication with God was clear, so He had no doubts. And He pursued no idols or wrong agendas. Temptation never conquered Him because His values were correctly aligned and obedience to the Father meant everything to Him.

While you ask God to fill you with more of His Spirit ask Him to reduce the plague of things that limit us all. Ask Him to increase your confidence in Him as the Father who meets all your needs. Ask for a healthy approach to relationships—loving others with no need to be loved back, and freed from control. Allow Him to expose and evict your idols. Have Him teach you what it means to seek His glory above everything else. The key in all this is an unobstructed relationship with the Father.

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  1. For a more complete explanation of its use as a title for Christ see the CD Amrit Vani by Aradhna, 2007. []

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