What is journaling? It is just another word for keeping a written record of what God says. You can use a special book with a floral, cloth-bound cover but a simple three-ring binder works too. Some people prefer a laptop and even turn some of their notes into a blog.

The point is – take God’s words to you seriously. If all you do is write clever prose, you have missed the point – God speaks to change our lives.

Reasons to journal:

•         Having a pen and paper handy whenever God might speak (group prayer times and church meetings as well as personal times) is an act of faith – we expect Him to say something.
•         Journaling helps us to focus on what God is saying and to take Him seriously.
•         Writing down our struggles and prayers helps make them clearer in our own minds.
•         A written record is easy to refer back to. It enables us to hold ourselves accountable for things we promise to do. It provides a way of checking what God said to us and seeing how He fulfilled His promises.
•         The way God cares for us becomes a source of inspiration for others.

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