Good News for the Oppressed

When Saul first became king, he led a military campaign against the Philistines. He commanded part of the army; his son Jonathan headed another division. 1 Samuel 13:1-4 tells us “Jonathan smote the garrison of the Philistines that was in Geba … then Saul blew the trumpet (shofar) throughout the land” to announce the victory.

The women who visited Jesus’ grave made the first resurrection announcement. They found the tomb empty and heard the angel’s explanation. Then, “they departed quickly from the tomb with fear and great joy and ran to report it to His disciples” (Matt. 28:8).

The logical response to Jesus’ victory over sin, Satan and death is to make a noise about it. Sin no longer has strength to bind us—we can walk free from it. Satan has no authority to oppress people—his power has been broken (Heb. 2:14–15). Death has lost its sting (1 Cor. 15:55).

Those who understand what Jesus did should be climbing high mountains, lifting their voices without fear and shouting to every dwelling in the world “Here is your God!” (Isa. 40:9) Jesus’ victory restored our relationship with God.

The trumpet announces good news.

2 thoughts on “Good News for the Oppressed

  1. Talia

    Melissa,Beautifully written frenid. It brought tears to my eyes. So much truth. Life is such a journey. Separate from Christ, it is nothing. Earthly joy is temporary. Success, beauty, frenidships, family, money it’s all fleeting. It can be perfect for a time, or close to it, but that wanes at some point. But for those in Christ, what joy we can have regardless of the momentary struggles. He is indeed our rock! I loved this Melissa, thanks for sharing!!! Mel #2 (sorry, you were here first

    1. John Avery Post author

      Thanks for the comment. I would appreciate you sharing the website with others who might be blessed.


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