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An Opportunity?

It’s awkward to feel uncomfortable in a meeting while being unable to figure out exactly why. I muddled my way through one, but I wish I had come up with a better response. Sometimes analyzing a situation and our feelings takes time. Here’s what happened. The presenter invited us to introduce ourselves in what, for […]

An Opinion about Opinions

Our western culture has a guarded approach to personal opinions: the right to express an opinion is fiercely defended, but unwanted opinions are quickly tossed aside with a brutal, “Oh, that’s just your opinion.” In some church circles opinions have begun to usurp the authority of Scripture. How often do you hear people explaining their […]

A Walk before God

How do you feel when you know that someone is watching you? Notice your reaction next time a police car happens to be following you or driving alongside. Initially, I experience that strange phantom guilt that comes when we believe that we are completely innocent but anxious that some unknown fault will be detected. Then […]

How to Live Long and Prosper

It’s not just the American Dream, it’s a dream that most humans relate to: sipping iced drinks by a palm-shaded pool, taking care of every need with the click of an iPad bill-paying app. But biblical prosperity does not mean living in vacation mode. God designed us to accomplish His purposes, and that takes a […]

True Success – Lost in Translation

Success. It’s written on the cover of ten thousand books, claimed by superstars, and blasted at us by the radio, TV, and You Tube. Like its counterpart, prosperity, many people associate success with material abundance. However, the Bible uses both words with meanings much broader than financial plenty. The world has a way of reducing […]