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Kings and Stars

Kings and stars guide all of us on our journeys with God. Kings represent human factors; stars, the divine. We must learn to recognize the difference between them and give each factor its due weight. The magi who went to worship the Christ child are an example of how it works. Imagine them arriving in […]

Five Favorite Days

Occasionally someone asks, “What is your favorite Christian festival day?” I struggle to answer. Other followers of Jesus would probably say Easter or Christmas; a few might say Good Friday. But I doubt if more than a tiny percentage would think of Ascension Day or Pentecost. Each special day has a meaning of its own. […]

Mary’s Treasured Things

Every mother remembers the details of her pregnancies: each visit to the doctor, finding out the gender, what she was doing when she went into labor, and those statistics of birth weight, length and presence or absence of hair etc. Jesus’ mother, Mary, was no exception. But she had much more to remember and many […]